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Saturday, February 16, 2008


The Zine Dump #18

GHLIII Press Publication #1023

December, 2007

The overwhelming fannish event since the last Zine Dump – indeed, the overwhelming fannish event of all 2007 – was the death and funeral of my great friend Hank Reinhardt, Hearts player, swordsman, anachronist and Southern fandom’s #1 guy. Though Hank was never much of a fanzine fan – getting him to do his SFPAzines was, to coin a cliché, like pulling teeth from a statue – I’ve never known a greater exemplar of the fannish lifestyle. He embodied humor, eccentricity, audacity, friendliness, and tolerance. This portrait – by Alan Hutchinson – is from The Reinhardt Roast, published by yhos in SFPA in 1976. I hope to have the complete zine on the Challenger website RSN; check it out and see why everyone who knew Hank absolutely loved the guy. Of course this TZD is dedicated to his memory.

Also on our website RSN – Challenger #27, 97 pages in paper form, bedecked with a jolly Ken Mitcheroney cover (colored by *blush* me) and blest as are all issues with terrific contributions from terrific people. No politics this time! Next issue: March! LOCs and contributions? Oh please, yes!

Now, to the zines. Remember, The Zine Dump wants to see every SF-oriented fanzine published in English!

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