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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Yclept Yarbro #26

Lindig Hall Harris
, Asheville NC / Lindig17@gmail. com. NEW / lindigs books@charter.net / $3@ / Since Lindig's taking to the road in an RV, the address above is next to obsolete, and like many another faned, Lindig is abandoning paper and shifting her zine to the net. Contact her by e-mail. Her reports on the career of my beloved friend Chelsea Quinn Yarbro will apparently continue apace. Herein Lindig exults over the 20th Saint-Germain vampire novel, and Quinn herself exults over her GoHship at Denver's MileHiCon. Lots of links to Yarbro reviews and press mentions, of which there can never be too many.

My name is Lindig Hall Harris (not Linda)

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