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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Visions of Paradise #124

Robert Sabella, bsabella@optonline.net / at eFanzines / Incorporating Bob's "Out of the Depths", personal natter, "Passing Scene", a diary of the period since his last issue, "Wondrous Stories
", his sercon review section, and "Halcyon Days", his lettercol. Before Bob went entirely on-line, he used to publish four separate zines! A teacher, Bob's insight into his profession is valuable (someday I must meet Fei Fei!), and I'm grateful to him for recalling the writing of Poul Anderson. I miss that guy and I miss regular doses of his work. Robert Davis adds to Bob's erudite and thoughtful perspective with a piece on an unknown seminal SF editor, Bob Davis. Nice to see Brent Kresovich in the lettercol; I miss his zine. Finally, after convincing us of his wit and brainpower, Bob blows it all with some of the most righteously stupid blonde jokes I've ever read. "It said concentrate!"

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