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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Vegas Fandom Weekly #103

Arnie Katz, Las Vegas NV / crossfire4@cox.net / On eFanzines / Third annish! Arnie has been engaged in a righteous campaign to draw Southern fans to Corflu Silver, the fanziners' convention his krewe is putting on next April. Here sits one rebel buck who needs no encouragement. If Rosy's teaching schedule and money, that eternal bugaboo, cooperate, we're there, dude. But I fear those are massive "if"s. Anyway, after hailing Chris Garcia's TAFF victory, Arnie explains "Nydahl's Disease" and how electronic publishing has effectively immunized him against this dread financial malady, and ponders his Last Words (my suggestion: "I leave all of my money and possessions to Guy H. Lillian III"). Shelby Vick's richly imagined prizefight between Paper and Electronic Fanzines shows that Shelby can still wield a wicked keyboard. Steve Stiles ponders Luv, Joe Fillinger shares some wonderful photos from 1952's MidWestCon (Perdita Lily was cute!), Southern newcomer Warren Buff writes about neckties (!), John Purcell recalls golden days in Minneapolis, Vegas artist Ross Chamberlain explains a famous costume, and the lettercol is extensive and fascinating – keying, at least here & there, on the boundaries of Southern fandom. Spread o'er all, beautiful, colorful art. And there will be more of the same quality next week.

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