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Saturday, February 16, 2008


The Reluctant Famulus 65

Tom Sadler, Owenton, KY / thomasdsad@copper.net / I thought Tom had changed his title, but he disliked the switch, so the same old logo sits atop the cover of this new issue. Much has changed, though, as shown by the photos and drawings sharing that cover space: pictures of monuments and buildings from Tom's new home in the great state of Kentucky. Editorially apologizing for an "ass-kissing" positive review of a Gene Wolfe novel (he has nothing to apologize for) and bombing the boring film version of The Last Mimsy. After a good article on historical fiction by Bob Sabella, Tom returns with a horrifying tale of his moving troubles – that is, his problems changing addresses – and a piece on the difference between the real world and the real science fiction world for which he yearns. The lettercol is brief but, thanks to contributors like Joe Major and the ever-more-rare E.B. Frohvet, provocative. A final note on the successful conclusion of the Sadler moving saga completes matters. I owe Tom an article or at least a LOC; I'll get right to it.

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