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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Newsletter of the Middle Tennessee Science Fiction Society #61

Reese, skywise@bellsouth.net / This e-zine is a grand service for subscribers, but it needs a name. Link after link – more links than a suit of armor. Make the proper click and you'll learn about Robert Goulet (who died on the same day, and at the same age – 73 – as Hank Reinhardt), the new X-Files movie, Allen Steele's next installment in the Coyote series, the forthcoming novel in the Ringworld saga, an animated Gahan Wilson cartoon, why SFers should gloat over Doris Lessing's Nobel Prize (one for Arthur C. Clarke would be better), black holes, galactic formation, Neanderthals, hobbits, robots … and club cookbooks for sale!

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