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Saturday, February 16, 2008


MarkTime 82-3

Mark Strickert, Pico Rivers CA / busnrail@yahoo.com / $2 or t.u. / Spanning the period from August through the beginning of November, Mark's natterzine begins with the noble sport of baseball – Sox not mentioned – before returning to his vocation in and out of mass transit. His fanzine reviews, "Zines and Heard", mentions TZD – many thanks – and a long-ago review of Challenger that I don't think I ever saw! The horrible SoCal firestorms, he reports, had no effect on Mark and Mark's people besides fouling up the air. The 83rd issue accompanied Mark's Christmas card, and sums up 2007 month by month. I loved the lines from "Deck Us All with Boston Charlie" that conclude the issue.

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