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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Lookit all the fanzines!

And there are even more on eFanzines (like Prolapse and WCSFAzine) I just couldn't get to! Who says our hobby is passé?

Christmas Day saw another terrible loss to my fannish community: Joey Grillot, friend and New Orleans neighbor, rest in peace, great buddy.

Everyone is urged to download and quickly utilize DUFF ballots. The ballots are easily available (one site is www.fanac.org/DUFF2008.pdf) and thanks to Jean Weber, PayPal is available.

A reworked version of my 2003 DUFF report, The Antipodal Route, remains available from this address. I'm cutting the price to $5. Every penny goes to DUFF!

This Zine Dump appearing near the change of the calendar, one duty alone remains: to wish each of you a smart, kind, strong, happy and prideful 2008.


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