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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Littlebrook 6

Jerry Kaufman & Suzanne Tompkins, P.O. Box 25075, Seattle WA 98165 / littlebrooklocs@aol.com / also on eFanzines / Great Stiles artwork fore and aft and, in collaboration with Rotsler, in-between – his supporters are keeping Steve in the fore as Hugo ballot time rolls around. The editors of Littlebrook call their zine a "journal of Popular Culture", a label they seek to deserve through a content of varied subject matter: Sherlock Holmes, westerns, movies … even an original play. It's physics that interests Jerry in his opening editorial, as he muses upon the spooky appeal of time travel stories – they bring the "biggest shivers of awe and wonder." Reading of an experiment in the "Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox," involving time travel between sub-atomic particles, he's moved to contribute financially to the research. Stu Shiffman's has both art and text contributions to this issue: the text is a piece on why silent cowboy star William S. Hart should have played Sherlock Holmes, as suggested by a wild Howard Waldrop story. Hart does look the part in mufti. Jim Young's piece on The Prestige and The Illusionist could begin a series on movie magicians: Vincent Price's Mad Magician was a superior horror film and of course, Houdini made a number of silent movies. William Breiding provides an appreciation of Johnny Paycheck, the "real hillbilly patron saint of juke joint honky-tonk" – it would have been at home in my last Challenger! After a short story from John Berry, Andy Hooper gives us "Avramania", a fannish play (beautifully illustrated by Shiffman) built on the works of Avram Davidson. I well remember that dour, brilliant, extremely funny gentleman. Ms. Tompkins, in her "Suziecol", laments the (very familiar) problems brought on by a recent blizzard, a human and personal capper to this very civilized, competent and adult publication.

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