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Saturday, February 16, 2008


The Knarley Knews #126-7

Henry Welch, Grafton WI / mailto:welch@msoe.edu / $1.50 @ / Another amazing Schirmeister cover atop this issue; peacenik girls did indeed look that nice. Henry reveals that he's almost done with law school and has begun interviewing for legal jobs. (Internet law! Unknown when I went to school 20 years ago!) His trip for that purpose to Minneapolis included a fortuitous convention stop. Chris Garcia on two loves he kept secret during high school, a girl named Lee and an oeuvre named Philip Jose Farmer (I'm shocked; no high schooler should be allowed in the same house as A Feast Unknown). Sue Welch describes walking the magnificent Mackinac Bridge (we are invited to join her there on 9-1-08). Jim Sullivan suggests enlisting senior citizens to guard our Mexican border, not seriously, and Gene Stewart hits on the "wired and fried" synaptic revolution. A short installment of Terry Jeeves' war memoirs, possibly the last, describes his dismobment [sic], reminiscent of The Best Years of Our Lives. #127 comes in fronted by a beautiful color Alan White illo, its effect muted by the green paper Knarl prints on. His job search in Silicon Valley promises much more green paper. Alex Slate proffers a stream-of-consciousness ponder on the value of money and the levels of charity, Tom Sadler talks about a famous ancestor, Sullivan gasses us with a piece on "obesity riots," and Terry Jeeves' "Carry On" series carries on post-WWII. The usual chatty, comfy lettercol finishes matters; Eeb Frohvet's "tranquilityite" sounds like a devastating argument to the wackmoid Moon conspiracies. Good zine, TKK; Knarl packs in variety with consistently readable results.

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