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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Interstellar Ramjet Scoop Oct. ‘07

Bill Wright, 4 / St. Kilda, Vict. Australia / An epic publication from one of the great fans downunder, bedecked with a striking color cover from Ditmar, Australia's premiere fan artist. The text opens with an editorial praising three Americans who Bill believes could save both our country and his: Alan Greenspan, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. (Well, maybe, but one correction: our next presidential election is in 2008, not 2009.) One can imagine Bill exulting over the last Aussie balloting, which pitched a W stooge out on his ear. After a page of really terrible Clerihews (the antithesis of John Hertz' haiku), Ditmar explains the prejudice against Friday the 13th, and "Stefan" takes over with, among other goodies, a rundown of the "'arry Pothead" series. (He fails to mention that 'arry Pothead and the Goblet of Grog won the 'ugo.) A piece on the Brownlow Medal, apparently given to the year's outstanding "footy" star, carries a photo of a player with his date; one look at her and who needs a medal? Mailing comments on various ANZAPA mailings follow, and the entire entertaining and eclectic package is capped with "the worst poem in the world" and a page hailing Sputnik on its 50th.

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