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Saturday, February 16, 2008


File 770: 151

Mike Glyer, Monrovia CA / Mikeglyer@cs.com / Another superb issue of the standard in SF newszines, a multiple Hugo winner that has grown better with the years. News, of course, is primary – e.g., Fans Escape San Diego Fires, Chris Garcia wins Nobel Prize, Doris Lessing wins TAFF (do I have that right?) – Terry Jeeves' Rotsler Award is hailed, with the first photo of the great Jeeves I've ever seen. The obits mention Reinhardt, and my world is rocked once more. In mentioning the 2007 Hugo, Mike jumps into the mini-controversy over Nippon's Ultraman design; he likes the thing. (Me too.) His delight in the success of his wife's book on Lewis and Tolkien makes the page dance. Then con reports take over – John Hertz on Westercon, Mike himself on MythCon in Berkeley, Tuckercon by Keith Stokes, Ditto/ArtCon by Hope Leibowitz, NovaCon by Keith Bacon (who is everywhere these days). More excellent photos abound. Most interesting item in "The Fanivore", Mike's lettercol, deals with the efforts to stop the ridiculous annual joke in the Best Fan Writer category; was nominating a second professional, John Scalzi, the right way to stop Langford?

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