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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Dancing and Joking

John Hertz, L.A. CA / available for $5 donation to the fan funds / To one familiar with John's relatively brief comments in Vanamonde (infra), D&J is a revelation – longer pieces, written for various genzines, the lamented Twink and Emerald City, Argentus, Mimosa, Trap Door, and so forth. Prepared for John's Fan GoH stint at the 2005 Westercon, it is splendid stuff. Hertz writes with verve and style. My favorite pieces here deal with Bruce Pelz, the 2001 worldcon masquerade, and Eleanor Cameron's Mushroom Planet books (I read the second volume first. What did I know?). Funny, incisive, rich with love of the genre and its people … t'were up to me, Hertz would stay on the Fan Writer Hugo shortlist until fandom woke up and gave him the thing!

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