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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Dagon #605

John Boardman, Brooklyn NY / Apa-Q / The Dagon template goes like so: cover is a collage of comic strips, often political; inside cover is a flyer for a mystical ripoff (crystals, Bermuda triangle, this time dream interpretation through art, which – frankly – sounds OK to me); the Colin Ferguson Award to a warmonger in the genre (Dave Grossman this time); a page of amusing – and often compelling – rants on topics various & sundry (the Terror Watch List, those who insist Pluto is still a planet, etc.); two pages of "PATRIOTISM IS", listing various offenses to human decency that true patriotism definitely is not, such as the tasering of John Kerry's noisy student questioner and the torture of John Walker Lindh; Apa-Q financial notes; fannish natter (as "A Mess of Pottage"). John's account of the October First Saturday club meeting includes several names I know, including former LASFAPAn Marc Glasser and – if I have the right lady – Elyse Rosenstein, whom I met at a New Year's Eve party some years back and who boasted the second most beautiful mane of red hair I've ever seen. Suh-EYE! The woman sporting the most beautiful crimson pate I've ever seen recently sent me a photo from our 40th year high school reunion: she's gone completely white. Blasphemy!

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