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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Chunga #13

Andy Hooper, Randy Byers, carl juarez, Seattle WA / fanmailaph@aol.com / $3.50@ / Editors requests three copies of any zine sent in trade / Chunga is a perfectly produced, impeccably written, splendidly illustrated paean to its editors' collective insanity, a Hugo nominee in the past bound to be such again. Fronted by an outstanding illo by Marc Schirmeister (why hasn't this bwah made the Hugo ballot?), this issue concentrates on movie criticism. It features thoughtful dissertations on the '05 remake of James Whale's Call of Cthulhu, Woody Guthrie's appearance in the Three Mesquiteers masterpiece, The Afrika Kowboys, Kubrick's epic version of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and more. (A clue for the clueless: don't bother with IMDB.) Among the critics, Stu Shiffman, Bob Webber, Byers and Hooper. Wil Tenino's piece on SF porn, dealing with real if regrettable movies (I've actually seen Sex World), seems almost tame by comparison. Exceptional lettercol yclept "Ye Iron Pigge".

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