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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Brooklyn! No. 58

Fred Argoff, Penthouse L, Brooklyn NY / $10 in cash per 4 quarterly issues / Amongst the usual delights of Fred's paean to America's favorite borough – city history, photos of intriguing architecture and a self-parodying lexicon – Fred adds Brooklynized versions of various fantastic tales: The Wizard of Oz as set on Flatbush Avenue, Pinocchio in Bensonhurst, "The Ant & the Grasshopper", "Jack & the Beanstalk", "Stone Soup". In Brooklyn they think Mother is only half of Ms. Goose's title. Favorite photos this time: the UFO graffiti, the abandoned Cook mansion (someone ought to spend a coupla million and turn that cool old edifice into a B&B), an actual yellow semi-submarine, and a still from the near-nadir of Bela Lugosi's career: BL Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla, one of the worst movies of all time. Great issue of one of the best non-SF zines; did Brooklyn's first tornado in 118 years faze the editor? Fuhgeddaboudit!

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