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Saturday, February 16, 2008


BCSFAzine #412-5 /

Garth Spencer, Box 15335, VMPO, Vancouver BC Canada V6B 5B1 / garthspencer@shaw.ca / Four issues of Garth's monthly publication for the British Columbia group. The latest issue opens with the editor's apology for having less and less energy to "pub his ish"; the issue before starts with a familiar plaint about the expense of postage; he anticipates the day RSN when BCSFAzine goes entirely on-line. (He's not kidding; a copy of Challenger costs $2+ to mail within the United States and nine effing dollars to send to the U.K.!) Herein a report on this year's Aurora Awards, the hoax Elrons, "Fandom's longest running spoof awards," con reports, CUFF natter. Nice cover art, two by Taral, Fan Guest at the next Canadian worldcon.

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