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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Banana Wings #32

Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer, Croydon, Surrey, U.K. / fishlifter@googlemail.com / Superb contributors grace this issue of one of the U.K.'s top publications: Steve Stiles (the funny cover), Dave Langford (an article about A.P. Herbert's "misleading cases," which sound fascinating to this public defender), James Bacon (reviewing comics, a natural topic for this Alan Moore fanatic), Steve Green (a Harry Potter dream – for Harry!), Margaret Austin (her Japanese journey). The editors, fine fan writers both, are on hand of course, Claire with a compelling article on how one's sexuality affects one's status/activity in fandom and Mark on many matters, including worldcon GoHs and the Hugos (provoking a fond memory of NOSFAn 9, which won me a mention in Analog). A page on the Rotsler Award for fanartrists names the 2007 winner, the great Terry Jeeves, overdue for such recognition. The letter column is rich with great writers and hearty responses to previous issues – the truest indication of a great and successful fanzine.

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