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Thursday, November 16, 2006


The Zine Dump #13

CHALLENGER heartily endorses the "One-shot special trip fund" to send John Hertz to the Yokohama worldcon in 2007. Contact sjhtnippon2007@yahoo.ca and send donations to Janice Murray, P.O. Box 75684, Seattle WA 98175-0684.

And don't forget The Antipodal Route, my account of our 2003 trip to Australia for the Down Under Fan Fund, on sale for ten dolla'. Make your checks or money orders out to Joe Siclari but send them to me, or contact us at GHLIII@yahoo.com for PayPal information. All moneys go to support DUFF!

Finally, LOC and load for Challenger issue #25, coming up before year's end! Contributions sought and welcome!

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