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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Westwind #275

Westwind #275 / Northwest SF Society, P.O. Box 24207, Seattle WA 98124 /
www.nwsfs.org / club-info@nwsfs.org / The clubzine for Seattle's Northwest SF Society is a high quality production, saddle-stitched on slick paper; this issue sports a beautiful b&w cover by fantasy writer and artist Kevin Radthorne, an interview with the same ("Can't hold a pencil or a paintbrush to save my life! Aren't computers wonderful?"), many photos from the club's summer soirees (including a tour through downtown Seattle in an amphibious "Duck" straight out of WW2), a story by local Janice Clark, reviews, fan news, birthday and convention listings. Best-looking and liveliest Westwind in many a.

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