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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Visions of Paradise #106

Visions of Paradise #106 / Robert Sabella, 24 Cedar Manor Court, Budd Lake NJ 07828-1023 /
bobsabella@nac.net / Most of Robert's three-part zine is now available on eFanzines.com: Wondrous Stories and Halcyon Days are there, but not The Passing Scene. Bob starts of the latest VoP by announcing a new, quarterly schedule; more power to him, and listing his ten favorite SF novels and ten favorite albums. We concur on The Stars My Destination, Lord of Light and Way Station in the first list and Bridge Over Troubled Water in the second. Most of The Passing Scene is taken up by Bob's daily diary, the busy life of a teacher -- to my relief, the great Fei Fei makes an appearance. I could have lived without learning of Bob's new prostate infection. His "Lighter Side" gathers moronic quotations from student test papers across the nation -- the kid who said "to keep milk from turning sour, keep it in the cow" deserves a scholarship to Yale. In Wondrous Stories we find sercon articles and reviews; that of One Million A.D. is particularly good. Why Bob calls his LOCzine Halcyon Days is anybody's guess, but itÂ’s a diverting discussion among familiar members of the Chorus.

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