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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Statement #342

Statement #342 / Sandi Marie McLaughlin, OSFS, 18 Norice St., Ottawa ON K2G 2X5 Canada /
mailto:sfs@ncf.ca / memberships or trade / This journal of the Ottawa SF group, along with Warp, prove that Canadian fandom is in renaissance. Warp's a genzine, this is a newszine, but both are the equal of anything being produced by clubs in the States. Opening with club news and a LOC from the ubiquitous Lloyd Penney, the zine continues with a round-robin discussion of Battlestar:Galactica, anticipation for Toronto's World Horror Convention at the end of next March, and -- from frequent contributor Ken Tapping -- an account of the recent and traumatic Pluto controversy. I'd've kept it a planet, and so would he, and he's a real astronomer, and so there. Charles Mohapel chimes in with news about the Mars robots. Outside of Tim Bolgeo's Revenge of Hump Day, I can't think of another pub so into the science of science fiction.

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