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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Pixel #6

Pixel #6 / David Burton, 5227 Emma Dr., Lawrence IN 46236-2742 /
catchpenny@mw.net / PDF only, from e.Fanzines.com. A word about e.Fanzines -- it's where the action is when it comes to zining these days -- very self-referential, almost to the point of incestuousness, but high in quality and refreshing in enthusiasm. Pixel is typical, quality work, with a number of well-known "Core fandom" contributors -- Dave Locke, a funny piece on dreams -- Ted White, with his pun of a title "Whither Fandom?", talking about Heinlein's effect on him, a topic on a lot of lips lately -- Chris Garcia praising the most praiseworthy "Bug" Bradshaw -- Peter Sullivan, reviewing fanzines in greater depth than my efforts here -- a fine lettercol beautifully illustrated by Manfred Klein; I love seeing unfamiliar artwork when it's this good. But where's the editor?

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