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Thursday, November 16, 2006


No Award #16

No Award #16 / Marty Cantor, 11825 Gilmore St. #105, N. Hollywood CA 91606 /
hoohahpubs@earthlink.net / The cover of Marty's extraordinary fanzine is a snarling depiction of Bill Rotsler. I have no doubt that even Bill must have had his occasional grouchy moments, but I doubt that, from his drawing desk in eternity, he's displeased by No Award. It's too good a zine. Marty presents a number of "reprints" (more like "repeats") from the various e-lists by fans of substance like Peter Weston, John DeChancie, rich brown and Rich Coad. I'm not ready to say that the net is home to all of fandom's good writing nowadays, but it certainly has its share. As always, Marty experiments with layout -- and as usual, produces a sharp-looking product. I must say that I miss the usual contributors, Milt Stevens and Ed Green.

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