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Thursday, November 16, 2006


MT Void Vol. 25 No 15, whole #1356

MT Void Vol. 25 No 15, whole #1356 / Evelyn C. Leeper,
eleeper@optonline.net / http://www,geocities,com/evelynleeper / Took me a long time to get the title pun. A weekly e-zine in which Evelyn and her husband Mark comment on cons attended (Readercon this issue, worldcon next), books read, news items learned -- this issue, Hawaii's singing crickets and the parasites that attack them. Mark also reviews the feel-good movie of 2006, Martin Scorsese's The Departed, which I loved. (Take three of your best girlfriends and a giant box of Kleenex!) Neat to see Fred Lerner chime in, referring us to an article about "Neuroevolutionary time-depth principles", which, as if I had to tell you, deals with whether acrophobia is inheritable.

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