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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Lofgeornost #84

Lofgeornost #84 / Fred Lerner, 81 Worcester Ave., White River Junction VT 05001 /
mailto:fred.lerner@dartmouth.edu / FAPA and trade / The first section of Fred's August FAPAzine deals with his researches into the life of Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans iconized in a statue near the casino in New Orleans. He concentrates on Joan's heresy and purity rather than on her apparent schizophrenia, a relief to see in this secular day. An essay on Michael Moorcock's World Fantasy Award-winning Gloriana leads to a long series of letters from chorus regulars and others, discussing the late Brian Burley, Scotland, Heinlein juveniles, and many another topic of interest to the intelligentsia among our number.

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