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Thursday, November 16, 2006


JOMP Jr. #25

JOMP Jr. #25 / Richard A. Dengrove, 2651 Arlington Dr. #302, Alexandria VA 22306 /
RichD22426@aol.com / Not SF, but diverting geohistory, this entire issue is devoted to a Southern "supercontinent," a legendary body more imagined than explored, the product of Greek insistence on a "balanced" world map. Rumors of this place lasted for more than 1700 years. Sticking with geography, Rich next discusses the discovery of Australia; I've not only heard of the Batavia, but Rosy and I saw its keel, at a museum in Fremantle. Then he's off to Antarctica, which may not be "super" but well anchors Earth's southern hemisphere. Great stuff -- I wish I'd known all it says about the discovery Australia before our DUFF trip, or at least before I wrote it up. T'would have made a great introduction to The Antipodal Route.

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