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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Instant Message 770-5

Instant Message 770-5 / NESFA, P.O. Box 809, Framingham MA 01701-0809 /
info@nesfa.org / http://www.nesfa.org/ The first pages of the final issue in this run of NESFA clubzines are a set of eulogies for John M. Ford, the talented author of The Dragon Waiting and How Much for Just the Planet? Elsewhere, Liz Carey recommends Charles Stross' Glasshouse and Jo Walton's Farthing, and as can be expected by this most organized of SF organizations, a complete account is given of all club assets and liabilities. NESFA not only impresses me, it scares me. Earlier issues tout the Skylark Award, break down the Boskone budget, review the new Doctor Who (which has, at long last, won a Hugo), and do other things that this most able of krewes likes to do.

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