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Thursday, November 16, 2006


The Insider June-August 2006

The Insider June-August 2006 / Michelle Zellich, 1738 San Martin Dr., Fenton MO 63026 /
mzellich@csc.com OR michelle@zellich.com / $10/year / Anyone who reads GHLIII fanzines knows that Michelle Zellich is among my favorite people, and not merely because she gives fierce footrubs (see The Fantastic Route, available through me). She is as open and sweet a person as fandom possesses. Here, in the clubzine-cum-genzine she edits, that joy in our genre resonates. Frequently interspersed with comics and photos, the items she reprints on science, technology, and people are presented with affection and enthusiasm. Even the August-September issue, laden with obituaries as it is (Jim Baen, KC fan John Vaughan, and of course, Fern Tucker, is almost defiantly joyous. Therein, the news that St. Louis will host the 2007 NASFiC (August 2-5, $90 attending), awards accounts, articles "shamelessly stolen from the internet," the despicable news that succulent Billie Piper has abandoned Doctor Who, club dates -- all fun. But in an editorial about baseball, wherein she reveals that she saw the Beatles perform live, twice, Michelle claims that she's a grandmother. No. No. No no no.

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