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Thursday, November 16, 2006


In a Prior Lifetime #15 / and Furthermore #19

In a Prior Lifetime #15 / and Furthermore #19 / John Purcell, 3744 Marielene Circle, College Station TX 77845 /
j_purcell54@yahoo.com / Available on e.Fanzines.com. Wish I'd known Purcell lived in College Station; could've met him during last summer's SFPA Dump at the A&M Library. An energetic and enthusiastic publication, this issue features a reprinted "Towel Tale" from an '87 zine (reminding me of a pillowcase I inherited from a Berkeley girlfriend) and worldcon impressions from Lloyd Penney. The apparent highlight of L.A.Con for Lloyd was meeting Chris Garcia (see "Stalking the Wild Garcia" and Chris' riposte -- why the photos of snakes?). A tribute to Tucker rides the addendum zine. Must mention the artwork, which Purcell steals obtains from the web; it's effing gorgeous. And if that's a contemporary photo of the editor at the end, how the hey does he still look that young?

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