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Thursday, November 16, 2006


For the Clerisy #s 68

For the Clerisy #s 68 / Brant Kresovich, P.O. Box 404, Getzville NY 14068-0404 /
kresovich@hotmail.com / $2, LOC, or trade / The first of these two issues opens with correspondents' notes of where they were on June 21st the date of Kresovich's "World Wide Party". I was at my office, what a thrill. He goes on to recommend a novel I read as a teenager, Brian Aldiss' Greybeard; it's good to see that neglected masterpiece receive due praise, 40 years post-publication. I see also that Brant has read Ken Kesey's glorious second novel, Sometimes a Great Notion -- wonderful last sentence in that book -- and that he has seen the biopic on Bettie Page, boy o boy. In the followup number he touches on Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year, Gore Vidal's Lincoln, Comanche Dawn and H.G. Wells' When the Sleeper Wakes ­ get the feeling that this journal "for the clerisy" (those who read for pleasure) is eclectic? It's also well-written and great fun. Nice notice for Challenger and TZD, too.

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