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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Emerald City #133

Emerald City #133 / Cheryl Morgan,
cheryl@emcit.com / http://www.emcit.com / With an analysis of L.A>Con IV and its Hugo voting, plus a shelf-full of exceptional reviews by Cheryl and associates (Peter Wong, Stuart Carter, among others), EmCit approaches its demise. Anyway! My favorite review in #133 is that of Talk to the Hand, a condemnation of rudeness in contemporary life, and speaking of L.A.Con, goes on in a piece about Hugo voting to lament how few members bother to vote. How may this unfortunate trend, which she backs up with stats, be reversed? Cheryl suggests a $20 voting membership -- whereby those interested can pay for the privilege of helping decide the Hugo winners. Pricey enough, she maintains, to discourage ballot-stuffing (that I doubt), yet cheap enough to allow the input of more voters. (A SFPAmate, Joe Moudry, made a similar suggestion some years ago.) A report on Finncon follows, held just where it sounds like -- I'm awed by fans that fly around the world to attend a convention, but then, didn't we do that in 2003? EmCit's final issue may beat this TZD to your inbox. At worldcon, Cheryl couldn't even talk about closing down her historic zine -- the first on-line fanzine to win a Hugo -- she'll miss it, as will we all.

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