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Thursday, November 16, 2006



EI28 / Earl Kemp, eFanzines.com / Earl is one of my favorite members of "Core fandom" -- (I'd belong, but I thought the movie a waste of Hilary Swank) and his zine is great fun. Central to this number is an appreciation by Ed Gorman and the editor of Lawrence Block, now a best-selling crime writer, once a member of Earl's porn stable. Don't flinch; W.H. Auden once advised the young Edward Albee to get the kinks, haha, out of his wordsmanship by writing smut. Apparently Block gave good m.s. (Robert E. Howard filled his pages edge-to-edge), and penned something close to kiddy porn, viz the book Kemp calls classic, Ronald Rabbit is a Dirty Old Man. "Searing volcanoes," indeed. Moving away from what Earl calls "right-handers," Kemp next reveals another set of "Curious Couplings", ripoffs of one paperback's cover art by another, and wows me out of my socks with a long piece on Fantasy Press, complete with cover art and synopses. I saw that classic Hubert Rogers Gray Lensman cover on a moldy Astounding in Harry Moore's rain-swept carport after he died.

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