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Thursday, November 16, 2006


The Drink Tank Issue 94, 100

The Drink Tank Issues 94, 100 / Chris Garcia,
Garcia@computerhistory.org / One of the most prolific publishers on eFanzines.com, issue 94 was distributed on paper at the worldcon. Worldcon memories form this issue's text, ranging from NyCon 3 to ConJose. I'm especially interested in John Purcell's memories of MidAmeriCon. He recalls a lot of good stuff: Tom Reamy's wonderful hardback program book, Mark Hamill's appearance and Patia von Sternberg's hoochie-koochie terpsichore at the masquerade (I remember Cliff Amos' intense interest in her dance from the front row). He misses, though, the appearance by Sally Rand, Tim Kirk's revolutionary Hugo base, and the first in-person meeting of Guy Lillian with Rose-Marie Green, a moment as historic as anything involving the Mayflower. Issue 100, Garcia's latest, contains the dreadful news that Chris' father has passed away at 51 -- younger than me, which is far too young.

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