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Thursday, November 16, 2006


De Profundis 402-5

De Profundis 402-5 / Milt Stevens, c/o LASFS, 11513 Burbank Blvd., N. Hollywood CA 91601 /
www.lasfs.org / PDF versions available at http://barrydgold.home.comcast.net/deprof.html / With the October issue of the LASFS clubzine, much of its mailing list will be receiving it electronically. I imagine that the "cream of menace", the inimitable LASFS meeting minutes, will be the same on screen or on paper, for they are the raisin d'eater for this zine, and undoubtedly the funniest such in fandom. What strikes me most strongly is the inadvertent but definite emphasis on names. Personality is at the heart of this most senior of SF clubs. Hearty larfs and all, the club still gets a lot done -- check out that bulging activities calendar -- holding down the fannish fort as securely on the west coast as NESFA does in the northeast.

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