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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Dagon #601

Dagon #601 / John Boardman, 234 E. 19th St., Brooklyn NY 11226-5302 / I wonder if John did anything special to mark his 600th issue, or am I the only faned left who makes a big deal about "milestone" issues? One thing about contemporary life in the U.S. of W., it will never leave John Boardman with nothing to write about. Alas, this time John has concerns other than his usual Page Two "comic display of mystical gullibility", Colin Ferguson Award to a science fiction militarist, "Patriotism is" horrors, and the many and various right-wing offenses against common humanity, good sense, and decency (such as Homeland Security's idiotic "No Fly" list) -- the death of his friend Brian Burley, and the illness of John's wife Perdita. His mini-articles on the alleged attempts to establish that pi=3 and the schizzy religiosity behind the Iraq War are spellbinding, but it's the personal stuff that resonates here.

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