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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Brooklyn! No. 53

Brooklyn! No. 53 / Fred Argoff, 1800 Ocean Pkwy #B-12, Brooklyn NY 11223-3037 / $10 in cash per 4 quarterly issues / Among my three or four favorite non-SF zines, Brooklyn! is a hymn to its editor's home and everyone's favorite punchline. His photos of Brooklyn buildings range from genuine landmarks (like the beautiful Dean Sage House) to dilapidated ruins to ordinary apartments and warehouses, and reveal a borough that makes aging a virtue. In this issue Fred describes returning to his childhood haunts, carries us along on a cross-town bus ride, treats us to another page of the borough lexicon. Evocative photos of Coney Island, invaluable advice about Brooklyn Heights and the Promenade ... Great zine? Tolja!

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