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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Bento #18

Bento #18 / David Levine & Kate Yule, 1905 43rd Ave., Portland OR 97215 /
www.bentopress.com / kate@bentopress.com, david@bentopress.com / Subtitled "Puzzle Digest", this issue of fandom's most diminutive ongoing fanzine (it is literally palm-sized) is jammed with wit-bending puzzles, all designed by Kate. They look too tough for a dumb public defender, but I promise to try. A tasty piece on beets, another on learning Japanese by osmosis, yet another on Sudoku (speaking of puzzles), a Disneyland trip report (gimme that FastPass!), quite a few LOCs, plus more goodies. David's "'Tk'tk'tk" won the Hugo for best short story this year, provoking a spasm of gloom on his part that had all of L.A.Con depressed (HA! I thought he'd bounce off the ceiling!). Clearly, Bento remains a Hugo-nominatable fanzine, and it came close to the ballot this year, but is David now disqualified from the Fan Writer race?

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