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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Alexiad Vol. 5 No. 3-4

Alexiad Vol. 5 No. 3-4 / Joe & Lisa Major, 1409 Christy Avenue, Louisville KY 40204-2040 / jtmajor-@iglou.com / $2@ / Keeping any kind of schedule is an unattainable fantasy for me, so I am awed by the ability of Joe Major to do so with this exceptional publication. But that isn't where my astonishment stops, because Joe also manages to fill each issue with entertaining and insightful reviews of books ranging in topic from here to next Tuesday: the search for the coelacanth, the "troubled-teen industry" (Major has an article on this topic in Challenger #24, available RSN on my website), frivolous lawsuits (I beg your pardon!) , the "helping culture", and fiction from Spin to Ron Goulart's series of novels featuring Groucho Marx, detective. All are handled with rare aplomb and high ability. And great lettercols! If a zine may be judged by the quality of response it engenders, then Alexiad must be our akela, and lead the pack. I am so green with envy that I must have been fertilized. (What did I just say?) Don't neglect Lisa Major's asides on horseracing. Did she spot Rosy in Dreamer?

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