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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


(T-V) Terminal Eyes, Vanamonde, Visions of Paradise

Terminal Eyes 12 / Tim Marion, c/o Kleinbard, 266 E. Broadway, Apt. 1201B, New York NY 10002 / To my infinite discredit, I admit that the first thing I do when receiving a new issue of Tim’s FAPAzine is scan the illos. No one presents better eye candy. Yes, the Grant Canfield portfolio of old covers from The Alien Critic and Outworlds is fine, as are the rare and welcome George Barr illustrations from ‘97 or thereabouts, Andy MacDonald’s ace drawings of the Green Hornet, and even the photo of Tim’s cats. But it’s the girls that really shine. Oh man. The pictures of Kate Beckinsale almost make me forget that Underworld and Van Helsing were godawful wastes of time (though I did like the vampire harpies in the latter), the bacover stills from Catwoman almost erase the pity heaped on Halle Berry after the film flopped – though the chaste nudes of Nefertiri Shepherd Marion feels compelled to print make Berry look like Beery, as in Wallace Beery. Awesome voyage, this, into the realms of feminine pulchritude, and hooray for Tim. Oh yes. He also writes some passionately heartfelt reviews and natter and FAPA mc’s and responses to LOCs, well worth reading when and if you can rip your gaze from the illustrations.

Vanamonde Nos. 543-547
/ John Hertz, 236 S. Coronado St. No. 409, L.A. CA 90057 / Trade / I have but one complaint about John’s sublime one-sheeter: I don’t get to see it fresh. These issue are from last October. Guess I’ll just have to join Apa-L ... Anyway, read this for the introductory paragraphs and occasional haiku, because John, a polymath, will always throw something new at you: in these issues “Smokey Stover” gets a mention, as does the passing of Hal Clement. John is running the Fanzine Lounge at N4 and is hosting us during the DUFF/TAFF reception.

Visions of Paradise #99-100 / Robert Sabella, 24 Cedar Manor Court, Budd Lake NJ 07828-1023 / bobsabella@nac.net / Perhaps my favorite section of this issue of Bob’s per/genzine is that devoted to Jack Vance, a chronology (illustrated by a nautical photo) and reviews of some of his seminal works. Well I remember inviting myself to Vance’s house in 1968 to bug that generous gentleman with silly neoish questions about writing. He was far kinder to me than I deserved. These reviews are no kinder to his work than it deserves – which is good. Also here, a “rant” by Steve Garper against what he considers to be schlock non-SF collaborations by promising SF writers, “Would It Kill You to Write an SF Novel?” Most of the issue is devoted to Sabella’s personal natter, a diary of the last 12th and first 6th of last year and this, and three pages of here-I-am-at-the-computer-ho-hum-what-now natter about the past, sports faves, food, and the music playing at the moments. #100, as befits its celebratory numeration, bears none of the signs of ennui shown in #99. Sheryl Birkhead provides covers striking and cute by turns to all three parts. Bob’s personal natter is involved and quite personal – his “Snapshot” autobiography is compelling; I can see myself in some of those short paragraphs. His “Brief History of Science Fiction” is actually a short story in which an Italian bookstore passes from owner to owner, surviving by through patrons’ love of the genre. Eeb Frohvet contributes an appreciation of Alan Nourse, M.D., a staple of his and my youth as an SF reader. There’s even a wonderful collection of Marc Schirmeister cartoons on a common theme – “Remember When Kids Used to Build Their Own Spaceships?” It merits exhibition at a worldcon Art Show, just as Schirm merits a Hugo, for “Starship Enterprise” if nothing else. Swell way to turn 100 – and capped by some good jokes. Jokes! On purpose! In a fanzine!

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