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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


(S) SFSFS Shuttle, Statement, Sugar Needle

SFSFS Shuttle / George Peterson & Chris Negelein, c/o South Florida SF Society, P.O. Box 70143, Ft. Lauderdale FL 33307-0143 / chairman@sfsfs.org / New look to the newsletter of the Ft. Lauderdale group, with funky covers, a calendar of the month’s events, and media news. The editors call for local contributions, an excellent move – clubzines should spread the word about its membership to science fiction, not just the word about science fiction to its membership.

Statement #317-318 Vol. 28 #5-6 / Sandi Marie McLaughlin, OSFS, 18 Norice St., Ottawa ON K2G 2X5 Canada / sandimarie@ncf.ca / memberships or trade / The 5th issue prints a press release touting the opening of Seattle’s SF Museum and Hall of Fame, which looks like quite a spread, plus stories about space elevators and other space-oriented news and columns. I especially like astronomer Ken Tapping’s pieces – basic, but well-written and as they deal with the thrill of looking into deep space through the Hubble, exciting. The following issue notes club member Lyn Saunders’ fund-raising participation in an Ottawa footrace, gives Hugo and media news. Nice broad scope to this local newszine, but I’d like to hear more stuff about the local folks.

Sugar Needle #25 / Phlox, 1174-2 Briarcliff Rd., Atlanta GA 30306 / The most delectable zine I receive has nothing to do with science fiction, and everything to do with candy. So what? Candy will get you through times of no science fiction better than science fiction will get you through times of no candy, and Rosy has me on a diet, so I know whereof I speak. Anyway, amidst the reviews of candies foreign and domestic and the laudable calls for a regime change in Washington, there’s an interview with the guy who buys zines for resale at Tower Records. He’s just picked up Sugar Needle, which means Phlox might actually make some money off this hobby. Guess how much cash Challenger has brought yours truly?

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