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Thursday, August 26, 2004


( O ) OASFiS Event Horizon, Opuntia

OASFiS Event Horizon issues 202-205 / Leslie R. Hammes, 4324 Fetrow Dr., Orlando FL 32812 / $12/year / These summer issues of the slim Orlando clubzine mention award nominees and some club news (that picnic sounds nice), but it’s not for such that I anxiously await the September number: I want to know what vicissitudes were visited upon these nice folks by the savage him-a-cane Charley.

Opuntia 54 & 54.3 / Dale Speirs, Box 6830, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2E7 Canada / $3 @ or. / Why “.3"? It has to do with Dale’s unique numbering system. Whole numbers are sercon in nature. “.1"s feature reviews, “.2" indexes, “.3" apazines, “.5" perzines. What are “.4"s??? Leaving that question for the philosophers, this whole number announces the ‘05 Westercon in Calgary and reviews scattered sociological and scientific tomes – reminiscent of Major Marko’s library in The Manchurian Candidate. Articles append on a terrible fire in Dale’s home town in 1928, Canada’s numerous nut-fringe political parties (with a fun evolutionary diagram), a loony cult’s appropriation of a local hillock, and a reprinted piece on surviving terror from a political publication, The Thought. Very sensible, very cogent. As for “.3", it is indeed an apazine, for FAPA, and its commentary thereon is none of an outsider’s affair.

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