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Thursday, August 26, 2004


(N) The NASFA Shuttle, N.I.N.N.Y., Nippon in 2007, No Award, No Time, No Energy & Not Much to Say, Noreascon 4

The NASFA Shuttle Vol. 23 No. 9-11 / Mike Kennedy, c/o North Alabama SF Association, P.O. Box 4857, Huntsville AL 35815-4857 / nasfa.shuttle@con-stellation.org / $1.50@, $10/year / A clubzine, yes – with a calendar of upcoming NASFA events and minutes of club meetings. But with this much variety, one might describe the Shuttle as a min-genzine, to which editor Kennedy, a Rebel Award winner, is the most significant contributor. He reviews cons (the resurgent Xanadu and the Rocket City Fur Meet, every bit as frightening as CSI made its attendees out to be), movies (what’s this American Astronaut?) and cogent responses to LOCs (the ubiquitous Lloyd Penney). But there are other fine contributors – “PieEyedDragon” gives us a truly wackmo playlet about dragons, Doug Lambert reviews a book on dragons (hmm, a theme?) – and lots of awards news. In the August issue Mike reviews LibertyCon 17, latest of one of the South’s best relaxacons, and Spider-man 2, and provides the first report of the World Fantasy Award nominations. Huntsville obviously tries to keep in the national fannish loop.

N.I.N.N.Y. #1 / Randall Fleming, P.O. Box 625, NYC NY 10276-0625 / ninnyzine@yahoo.com / The good reverend returns to the Apple, with evocative essays and vignettes inspired by the city that inspires more stories than any other. A happy surprise is an interview with Brooklyn!’s Fred Argoff, and perhaps in honor of this motorman, many of Randall’s New York yarns take place on the subway. Ah, that familiar smell of burnt insulation – a shame to waste it on Republicans this month! Fleming isn’t into SF, as far as I can tell, but it’s good to have him back in the fanzining fold.

Nippon in 2007 progress report ver. 0.5 / The Gaijin Fan in Japan / Rene Walling, P.O. Box 314, Annapolis Junction MD 20701-0314 (American address) / As it says, a pre-selection p.r. for “the first Worldcon [to be] held in Asia.” It’s rather plain but well-written, a paean to a very exciting bid, with a piece by stalwart John Hertz on the enticing “strangeness” of a Yokohama worldcon, a report on a Japanese trip by anime fan Paul Blotkamp, and remarks on the Seiun Award by Takumi Shibano, the indisputable #1 Sfer from the chrysanthemum isles. Impressive list of pre-supporters! Gaijin Fan is a very nicely written & illustrated piece of propaganda for the bid, incorporating a long and informative article by Allen Baum and Danya White. The photographs are works of art. Nippon will almost undoubtedly win the ‘07 contest and those attending will be in good company. Hope we can get there; my father saw Yokohama after a certain unpleasantness some decades back, and I’d like to visit it again, for him.

No Award #15 / Marty Cantor, 11825 Gilmore St. #105, North Hollywood CA 91606 / hoohahpubs@earthlink.net / $5 or the usual / Marty does something I heartily approve of: not just post his excellent genzine on the web for most readers, but publish a paper version for paperhounds like me. Very funny cover by Steve Stiles based on that underrated show, Futurama; except for the unspeakably sad episode about Fry’s lost dog, I’ve never seen a flop episode, and the “snu-snu” show deserved a Hugo nomination. After telling the story of the neighbors from Hell, and the new managerial job this ill chance brought him, Marty credits Corflu for re-energizing his fanac. In gratitude he reprints Andy Hooper’s “Fanorama 3004 A.D.”, a crazed – and lengthy – play presented there. Featured are great fan writers from Walt Willis to Susan Wood. Who in today’s fandom will catch all the in-jokes? Stalwarts Joe Major and Milt Stevens are next up, Joe with a nice review of a nice fanzine, Peregrine Nations, and Milt with a spirited re-telling of S. Fowler Wright’s The World Below, from 1928. Milt is so savage he should wear a bone through his nose. I miss Ed Green in this issue, but still, No Award remains a consistently fun fanzine – as long as Marty keeps these paper versions coming.

No Time, No Energy & Not Much to Say #13 / Dwain Kaiser, P.O. Box 1074, Claremont CA 91711-1074 / dgkaiser@hotmail.com / “the faanish ‘Usual’” / Dwain needs to change the title of this zine, since he seems to have a great deal to say – starting with the satirical cover, a housewife pledging to be an obedient Bushie. The issue displays contrary sympathies through a righteous biblical letter to the celebrated homophobe, Dr. Laura, a review of an Irish book about same-sex unions, a savage poem on “The Grinch in the White House”, plus off-the-wall reviews by Thom Digby that are better than the junk they review. The Passion of the Christ is twice reviewed. (I haven’t seen it – I like Jesus, so why watch him getting tortured?) Quite a lot to say. Received with Nothing like Working Off a Little Anger #18, bedecked by a photo of Sandra Bond. Dwain reveals his terrifying recent illness, which medics erroneously – thank the aforementioned Jesus – said put him within spittin’ distance of the Happy Hunting Ground. Zines bought at Corflu brought him through. I wonder when Corflu will come to New Orleans ...

Noreascon 4 P.R. 7 / The Utilitarian Issue / Joe Siclari, MCFI, P.O. Box 1010, Framingham MA 01701-1010 / info@mcfi.org / http://www.noreascon.org / Sent to members 1296A and 1297A in the 2004 worldcon, this short and fairly plain newsletter is just what it says, a helpful guide to Noreascon a month before it opens, with directions to the con, parking advice (both of which we’ll need), a guide to First Night (which we’ll be part of), a link to restaurant reviews, a general schedule, some rules (no animals except service animals in convention space, the big meanies), new members, and to juice things up, a piece by N4's delightful Fan Guest (or one of them, anyway) Peter Weston and a trivia hunt. 25 questions, the 25th of which gives ten first lines and asks for identification. I think I can do one, “i”, The Island of Dr. Moreau. Right?

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