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Thursday, August 26, 2004


( I ) Instant Message, Interstellar Ramjet Scoop

Instant Message 735-9 / NESFA, P.O. Box 809, Framingham MA 01701-0809 / info@nesfa.org / http://www.nesfa.org / The monthly newszine of the revered Massachusetts club is all about the club, and there is much to report – many of its pages are consumed by columns of figures, and what’s left are reports of committees on the clubhouse, on donations, on the NESFA Press (best small press in science fiction), on Boskone. In #739 it’s revealed that even though Boston caught a piece of Hurricane Charley, it wasn’t enough to damage NESFA’s clubhouse. Club minutes deal with everything from building repairs (at astounding length) and the Fellows of NESFA to cleaning melted cheese out of the microwave.

Interstellar Ramjet Scoop April-August 2004 / 4 - 1 Park St., St. Kilda, Vict. 3182 Australia / Each of Bill’s ANZAPAzines is fronted by a beautiful Ditmar design. The August issue salutes the 70th birthday of Mervyn Russell Binns by dropping a photo of the gent – in an apron – into a psychedelic idyll; Ditmar (Dick Jenssen) appends a special paragraph explaining the technique. A photo- and info-0rich report on Continuum 2 follows. Bill exults over the flight of SpaceShipOne (launched near my birthplace in Mojave, California), and takes a historical look at the Pied Piper legend. I had a dream about the Pied Piper once that actually frightened me. In earlier issues, Jenssen adds mathematical articles that stagger my innumerate mind, Lisa LNU (that stands for “last name unknown) contributes journey reports to Laos and other exotic ports o’call. Interleaved, flyers for the Bring Bruce Bayside Fund, which has garnered enough geld through fanzine sales to ... well, bring Bruce (Gillespie) bayside – which is to say, to the SanFran area Corflu. If he went by Berkeley, I hope he thought of me.

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