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Thursday, August 26, 2004


(D) Dagon, DASFAx, Data Dump, De Profundis, The Devniad, Ditto

Dagon #585-7 / John Boardman, 234 E. 19th St., Brooklyn NY 11226-5302 / trade / April and May issues of John’s distinctive publications for Apa-Q. How is Dagon distinctive? Each issue has a cover composed of comic strips, some sharing a theme (May’s is cats, for instance), an inside front cover reprinting “unintentionally comic displays of mystical gullibility,” i.e., a flyer advertising psychic healing or somesuch, The Colin Ferguson Award attacking some author John considers pro-war, a page on the abuse of patriotism by yahoos high and low – and, as should be obvious, a defiantly leftist point of view. It’s an interesting point of view – I wouldn’t have caught Johnny Hart’s “I-Slam”/outhouse crescent dig in B.C. – but I find it self-destructive. I won’t hold my nose quite so tightly when I vote for Kerry. Also distinctive, if not political, is Boardman’s involving chatter about New York fandom, Lunacon, fannish ferry rides across NY harbor, and the like. In #587, Boardman describes a nice encounter with that fine, shy lady Bujold (Lois, not Genevieve), adding more evocative New York notes (we too have been to St. Paul’s Chapel). He tries to justify not voting for John Kerry because Bush bamboozled him into voting for the Iraq War – to me, that’s blaming another victim for the crime. If ever there was a time for supporting the much, much, much lesser of two evils, this is it! A “review” of The Good Soldier Schweck [sic] makes me wish I’d read the novel back when I was into academic literature. Intelligently, this dedicated liberal vows to avoid Manhattan during the fascist festival planned there for early September.

DASFAx Vol. 36 #s 5-8 / John & Tammy Fiala, 741 King Street, Denver CO 80204 / editor1@dasfa.org / http://www.dasfa.org / I like the new logo and format for this mile-high clubzine, and the personal spin to the reviews and natter. Fred Cleaver’s review of the new Kim Stanley Robinson novel would make me want the book even if I didn’t admire Robinson as much as I do. Cute – no other word – Stu Shiffman illos adorn the latest issue, which includes reviews of the new Charles Stross and China Mieville novels and a challenging word scramble. Gimme a few minutes ...

Data Dump #71 / Steve Sneyd, 4 Nowell Place, Almondbury, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD5 8PB U.K. / $2 / Subtitled “Proto SF Poetry – A Provisional Timeline”, Sneyd’s overview runs from Gilgamesh 4000 years ago to the first netzine devoted to poetry, a mere five years ago. I’ve got to read “Aniara”, Henry Martinsson’s poem; it’s said to be the only Nobel-winning SF. What about The Glass Bead Game and Steppenwolf and Grass’ The Tin Drum?

De Profundis 376-8 / Marty Cantor, c/o LASFS, 11513 Burbank Blvd., N. Hollywood CA 91601 / www.lasfs.org / LASFS’ meeting minutes – “Cream of Menace” – are the core of its clubzine, always arch and funny, complete on details like clubhouse repairs and rich in collateral reportage from members, like Larry Niven praising the cover to his new novel, stupid crook stories and the every-Thursday staple, three cheers to a Patron Saint. There’s even space for Ed Cox to doodle in, and how ancient is that schtick? (Here’s some more:)

The Devniad / Bob Devney, 25 Johnson Street, N. Attleboro MA 02760 / bobdevney@aol.com / Everyone come to the Fanzine Lounge at Noreascon, and participate in Bob’s project for First Night: a massive convention oneshot!

Ditto 17 / Pat & Roger Sims, 7030 Villa Estelle Dr., Orlando FL 32819-4246 / roger.sims@att.net / Advertising the 2004 “other fanzine convention,” to be held October 8-10 at ... well, if you can go, you should, so write to the Simses and find out more.

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