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Monday, August 30, 2004


The Zine Dump #8 -

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF ADDRESS: We're now at 8700 Millicent Way #1501, Shreveport LA 71115. Phone is now 318/797-1822.

Also note -- and I blush: Challenger, my genzine, is a HUGO NOMINEE at this year's worldcon. The zine, now up to its 21st issue, is accessible on-line at www.challzine.net. I hope you'll read it and respond to it with a LOC -- and maybe (though this is a stretch) vote for it. And on that subject, a note:

My practice for years was to respond to every zine I get in the mail with an issue of Challenger -- but that cost, oh, how it cost. That cost, plus postage, has become prohibitive -- so now, I must refer zine editors to the website. For now, paper copies of Chall are available for $7.50 -- and soon, a downloadable .pdf file. We're working on it.

Paper copies of TZD are still available for trade, though, at the address above, for any generally available SF fanzine in English! I want to see (and review) them all.

The following are reviews published in APRIL, 2005. Ignore any other dates that may appear.

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